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Guard Card: Fast Track!

Here's How It Works

The State of California requires any person working in the security field to get a guard card.

  1. Take an 8 hr Guard Card Course
  2. Get Finger Printed (livescan)
  3. Submit Guard Card Application to:
    Bureau of Security & Investigation Services


Next Class: Fri - July 10

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$ 65.00
CSTC Guard Card Course
10% discount for veterans & criminal justice students

Q: Why can't I just take the online Guard Card training?
A: It is against regulations; there is no verifiable way for the state to know if you or your friend did the training. Don't waste your money, you'll never get it back.

Q: Do I have to take a test?
A: Yes, you have to take the Guard Card exam at the end of the 8hr course.

Q: I have a felony on my record, can I still get a guard card?
A: Each application to BSIS is case by case. Depending on the nature of the crime it may be possible for you to get a guard card.

Q: When can I take more classes?
A: You can take Firearms, Baton, & OC Spray/Taser immediately after completing the guard card course. You do not have to wait for your guard card to come in the mail to attend more training with CSTC.

Q: Can I start work after I take the class?
A: No, you need to complete your finger printing & send your application to BSIS and wait for your license to be posted. This takes on average about 2 weeks.

Q: If my guard card is posted online can I begin working?
A: Yes, if you carry a copy of your guard card print-out on your person while working as a security officer you are in compliance.